Page Speed Optimization

Website Page speed optimization is mentioned as a ranking factor by Google employees and important when it comes to SEO. Page speed comes into play with improving the user experience (UX) and is directly related to your sales conversion.

When talking about Page loading times and the correlation to business sales conversions “53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.” – Google Employee Daniel An. This is even more evident for E-commerce sites. Selling products and services online is pivotal, and mobile page speed is critical to converting consumers into customers.

page speed optimization

Slow Page Speeds May Cost You- Literally

The average loading time for a webpage is 3.21 seconds and it normally takes longer for mobile loading times (on phones and tablets). When page loading times reach 5 seconds, the bounce rate jumps to 38%, and that dramatically impacts the user experience (UX). The user experience is the upmost important factor in converting consumers into paying customers and if your site is less appealing than a competitor, it is more likely they will leave the webpage.

Google itself, aims for a page loading time under 0.5 seconds for their webpages. According to a quote from Google, slow loading times are cited as a primary reason to abandon a purchase. You can test your website page speed as well as get a Google cost analysis of increasing the speed on your site by clicking the button below and taking action.

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How We Optimize Aspects Of Your Website

  • Image optimization
  • Combining JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minimizing HTTP requests reducing page redirects
  • Dedicated Hosting