SEO for Content

Setup of a dynamic blog for your business includes back link building, graphic design, keyword building, content optimization aka SEO for content, and a social media strategy that aligns with your company’s branding goals. Writing content for SEO involves research, analysis, structure, creativity, and demands continual attention.  

Seo for content
Writing content for seo

What Is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is simply the creation of text to be published usually in a blog on your website. However, the power of content marketing can be tremendous! Once it is created, it is there for others to read and link to their website and social media. In addition, seo for content helps increase your website credibility with a search engine such as Google. Highly linked content examples include graphs, images, and guides for example. Writing seo for content and then posting on social media is a powerful tool in content marketing because it easily enables readers to like and share your posts with others. Writing content for SEO explained here as well.

Why Content Marketing?

Simply put, you want to convert your content to cold hard cash. It is definitely possible to do the content marketing yourself after you learn the best practices and accepted structures. In fact, we encourage it down the road. What better way to get more engaged in your industry and even possibly become a go to source for information. We plan on getting you there by educating you on the practices in the industry and how to remain relevant. Writing content for seo is a long term marketing strategy to add reliability and credibility to your digital presence so we urge you not to take it lightly.

seo for google

SEO for Google

While you should absolutely research different factors that contribute to effective seo for Google (Neil Patel for example), implementing a campaign is time consuming. Being purposeful as well as informed is the key to being effective. The most accurate information is from Google itself,  explaining “3 ways we think about SEO” encouraging 1.) Small incremental changes 2.) Adapt to market changes 3.) Consolidate information where possible. Do not duplicate information. 

There are many tools utilized to optimize SEO for Google and several contributing factors. As criteria evolves due to internet users behavior, it is important that your websites adapts as well. For example, explains that from 2009 through 2018 over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. To remain relevant today, your website must be optimized for mobile use. 

PPC Google

A PPC Google campaign is an effective way to help your search engine optimization (if you already have optimized content) by way of bringing traffic to your website. From there, is your content worthy of sharing or clicking on? More shares and more clicks equals higher potential ranking. Creating good content is the core of optimal search engine optimization because it must engage readers in order to climb the ranks. PPC Google strategies are a short term resolution unless you continually plan on running campaigns. See what Digital Marketing Institute has to say about a beginner’s guide to PPC Google and educate yourself!