Search Engine Optimization

Why is SEO So Important?

When you search for something online, you type in a phrase that comes to mind. “Football” for example. However, the next person may type in “American Football.” A third person will type in “Soccer”. Well executed SEO services identify which phrases to use on your website based on what you offer and where you are wanting to target. Enable your business to target your niche effectively! Click to see what seo services suit you. 

What Seo is

What SEO Is?

To understand what SEO is, one should separate their understanding of traditional print marketing. Traditional print marketing is more costly & less specific in targeting according to WebFX. Search Engine Optimization: a long technical term (natural) system of digital marketing that is used to generate more visitors to your website. Don’t just take our word for it, see Moz’s description of what SEO is and what goes into it as well. 

Search Engines such as Google use “Crawler” programs to sort through information that is relevant, reliable, current, and sourced properly. Based on the criteria each search engine uses to establish legitimacy, a position on the results page will be assigned (SERP). This marketing technique becomes a long term organic strategy because a business must continually produce relevant and reliable content to show a search engine that it remains current. Utilizing multiple methods of SEO such as long tail key wording and short tail key wording help your website with search engine results in a chosen geographic area. An adjunct and alternative is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, and is more immediate. In addition to the methods mentioned, other factors for ranking position also contribute to effectiveness. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is important as well. Click to test your webpage using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

What SEO?

Terms like short tail keywords, long tail keywords, local SEO, on-page SEO, and content marketing may sound foreign. Mainly because these are behind the scenes performance indicators to successful digital campaigns. Fundamental aspects to creating relationships with search engines such as Google are driving factors for search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM)/ Pay Per Click (PPC).

“If you build it, they will come” is not sufficient. We must also continue to water “it” and continue to care for “it”. SEO and SEM enables businesses to continually reach consumers based on what they search, and then convert them to customers. These methods can add significant value to your business and be cost effective if done well, lowering customer acquisition costs. Bottom line, search engine optimization is absolutely worth the investment if you are searching for long term marketing share. See how Google applies SEO themselves, as they adapt and adjust as well.

What seo is
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Google Optimization

Let’s face it, Google is the most utilized search engine utilized today. So, Clickly emphasizes tools and data science stemming from Google optimization techniques. Think with Google provides articles and insights that we utilize and implement into our process, while Google Analytics provides feedback for web traffic and specified for pages on websites. Utilizing several Google optimization tools and applying them to your brand is our key. We are transparent in our methods, meaning seo is a straight forward but intertwined process for the improvement of your website and business.