Graphic Design Portfolio

Digital Marketing Portfolio

Here you are able to see some of our clients projects and the aspects of their business that was enhanced. You will find select web design, digital marketing, graphic design, and strategy projects that you can dive further in to. If you have any questions or would like to inquire, contact us!

E-marketing real estate listings in a chosen city, Eflyer2Day was created to further showcase home listings via social media marketing and email marketing.

Local House Investors is a Real Estate centered website that emphasizes buying homes for cash and closing a deal in early as 1 week because of their access to investors willing to pay cash.

Orry did not originally create Chef Marc’s website, but was awarded the opportunity to redesign Chef Marc’s Trattoria, an award winning best of Las Vegas authentic Italian spot that has since relocated into the Ahern Hotel.



The business name speaks for itself. This “Biggest Little City” company originated while in graduate school and took off from there. Meal Prep Reno features convenient click to add on products with available subscription options.  *Note* Meal Prep Reno has sold and changes to the website have occurred.

Graphic Design Portfolio