Understanding SEO:

What Seo is

Do I Need SEO?

You’ve got your website that looks amazing, but how are you going to drive traffic to it now? Understanding seo is key to growing your web traffic.

Seo is meant to increase traffic to your site organically and not have to pay for it. Time versus money…

For each of your posts, images, and pages on your website and social media it is equally important to communicate with Google and other search engines that your business is relevant. More important, it is important to showcase that your site is reliable data when a consumer searches for a company in your industry. When you type in your business name into a search engine, does your business pop up? Seo helps the search engines recognize that you are a reliable source and in turn, increases click-through traffic to your page.

Simply having a website in today’s market is not enough. Seo strategies create backlinks to your site via terminology and formatting to increase your rank and in turn is rewarded by “ranking.” Big businesses have departments dedicated to this which is why you see their companies everywhere online.

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